Why south african musicians not making millions.

I grew up wanting to be a musician only to find out that most our musicians when they die we have to donate as the public for them to be buried. I felt this was not a right path to go but we see this only in south africa, is it because of we south Africans we don’t love or support our local artists?, or is it because our musicians don’t know how to save.

I always see big stars only coming from America, where do you think our musicians go wrong or is it the recording labels the course why our artists don’t make millions.

But it seems as if south African industry is turning around by helping our artist by educating them on how to become success full and rich musicians. As we can see now we no longer have artists who still needs to be donated when they passes away. I just like the fact that most of them even have their own record labels.

I’m just going to make a digging on how much our musicians make a month in this country. Do you wanna be part of this info by getting news all the time I post. Just comment on my blog or email me for more at tphlongwane@hotmail.com

Forex brokerage Scam.

In Social Media today all we see is CryptoFX trading, websites that promise heaven to people who invest with them.

Promising thousands and thousands of dollars daily, but only to find out its all a scam. Millions of people in the world are victims of this scam and in debts today because they are told what they need to hear not what they want to hear.

This parasites suck on poor people who need to live in a dream land. I know you invested thousands of dollars in this scsmmers, they always get away with it.

Facebook has become a popular place for this parasites to suck our monies. People has fallen in the trap of wanting to live a wealthy life because they are not satisfied with the employers they work with.

They fell in this trap because they want to live a financially healthy life.

I know you are one of those people who have been trying to get luxurious things in your lives.

But there is no truth in all that, they lost all their life savings because they wanted a better life for their children.

I have a question for your.

Have you ever been a victim to this parasites?

If you are and/ or have, which broker did you invest with?

How did that affected your life and your family?

Do you want to save the world from this parasites?

If you do wanna save the world, share your experiences with the world of how you became a victim of this fake brokers. Share the link of the the broker who scammed you with us.

Comment, share to save the world.

Broken Heart.

My heart is burning.

My heart wanna come out of my chest.

I am all alone with no one to turn to.

The World hides its face from me.

But I’m a man of steel.

I don’t go with the wind.

I won’t give up on this heartless.

It needs me to change it.

Even if you could take all my loved once.

I will never bow or surrender.

God made me for a purpose.

And that purpose won’t fail me.

I fight.

I will never you for my misfortunes.

I will embrace the sunshine over my head.

I will embrace the breath in my body.

Till then I will never say it is over.

When my heart is still beating.

Life goes on.