Why south african musicians not making millions.

I grew up wanting to be a musician only to find out that most our musicians when they die we have to donate as the public for them to be buried. I felt this was not a right path to go but we see this only in south africa, is it because of we south Africans we don’t love or support our local artists?, or is it because our musicians don’t know how to save.

I always see big stars only coming from America, where do you think our musicians go wrong or is it the recording labels the course why our artists don’t make millions.

But it seems as if south African industry is turning around by helping our artist by educating them on how to become success full and rich musicians. As we can see now we no longer have artists who still needs to be donated when they passes away. I just like the fact that most of them even have their own record labels.

I’m just going to make a digging on how much our musicians make a month in this country. Do you wanna be part of this info by getting news all the time I post. Just comment on my blog or email me for more at tphlongwane@hotmail.com


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How to quite you job

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Mama Africa

If the books of history could be written again, I want you to know that I have lived, I have lived in times where the world could never recognised my existence. The world that have never appreciated my talents, when I was here, I wrote my name on walls of fame, I spoke through the mountains of Maluti a Phofung. I rose amongst the best, the hero’s icons of this world.

I was born a leader, loved and hated by some of this world. I was the son of the grades, the pillars of the Ngwane Clan. I lived in the mountains of Maluti and walked in the streets of Africa. I am an African the son of the soil, let those who wished me pain feel my success, those who wished me death feel my presence. 

You sing praise in my name and write stories about my life, those prayed for me will pray that my name be known to the corners of this world and those who cursed me will cry till they be know with the trippes under their eyes. 

If history could be told generations and generations will tell their children about me, they will tell them how I made my name known to the world and how I made the world see me. The books of history will be written to let those who were not there in my time to know who I was. 

My story will never end in my closet, but will be placed on the shelves of our libraries. My life tomorrow will never be worthless to your eyes but a dream to you. Africa will pride herself with the sound of my foot steps and Africa will be known to be the mother of the grade sons and daughters who she gave birth to for them to tell stories about mama Africa.

Where those who have never seen her will wish they were here, mama Africa the continent of our birth will be the place where all Africans who turned their backs from wish they could find their way home. All who have never been to mama Africa will want to see her, will want to be part of her history.

God loves mama Africa and will protect her for her to be a create mother to us all, when they came to Africa they were blinded by her beauty and their hearts filled with greed to have her for themselves, But their greed became their  graves.

Some have never felt the love she can give and how kind she can be. 

Mama Africa your beauty made the world lost humanity, your beauty made all who sees you to want to have you for themselves and never wanted to share with others of your children.

But your stories are told to the world and how you treated those who came in to you arms.

I say when the read about you they will feel they were here before you.

Your day will come

It was 01 February 2017 when I was arrested, I aked myself why? But late that night I believed, I had a dream. That when I get out of this place I will make something with my life, I will make sure that if you thought I will be trash, I will be successful so that you will regret what have I done.

Then it is then you will say I have made a mistake, but well, it is now late. Let me tell you, what you thought and believed will happen to me it is what will happen to you. I was a fool and a trash in your eyes, yes, I do accept that, that is what you believed and thought about me.

The day will come, the day will come for you. And believe when that day comes, I will be far, you won’t even reach me, you will call my name I will never recognise you, you will try to reach me, but your hand won’t touch me. 

What I will say in shot, your day will come.

make money with bimary options

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Equality at work

This blog has now changed its title, it is now Ask a Shop Steward. The reason for this change is to give my readers advice on all labour issues they come across at the workplace. I will be posting everything that I believe you as the employees experience everyday of your lives while on duty.

You’re allowed to post your questions relating to labour issues and I will answer, give advice and try to resolve all that I can resolve. I have experienced that around the world employees are not always satisfied about their working conditions. 

By following this blog will assist you in all of your problems you have with your current employer. My question to you today is, how can we help you? We will go through the obstacles our employers pose to our lives together.

Ask a Shop Steward, we are here to help.

Fading Thoughts.

It is funny how people could just forget the purpose God created them for. They gave up on the the dreams they once had. I just don’t understand how that happens as I believe that at a very young age we all had something, someone that we wished to be when we grow. But we grow thinking that, what we dreamt about or what we wanted to be was just a thought fading every seconds, every day. Whenever we grow, our minds and body are filled with so many things that makes us wanna quit on our dreams.

Fading thoughts, troubled bodies needs a fresh start, try to look back and found out what went wrong. Never let that child you were escape you, as I’m definitely sure that when you were that child you would never give up so easily. If we say that we can’t make it, then who will? It never said it with will go easy on us, life never said you will get everything you want like a just snap of a finger.

It will never be easy, but, what are you going to do about it? I had a dream. And my kept on telling me that I will make it through. My thoughts never failed me, but faded when I started getting impatient. I gave myself a target, forgetting to have a watch for me to set an extra time for injuries and tire puncher on my way to my world of opportunities. I forgot to clean a room in my heart, my head for disappointments.

Yet I kept on going, I kept on saying I’m almost there. When I realised that it will never be about when how i got there, I then said if I get there I will never waste every seconds I will be having if I’m in.

SMS to win Emi Sugar’s second album.

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